To Social Media or Not? That is the Question.

At a dilemma. I’ve avoided social media for a variety of reasons. Many, if not all reasons, are still valid to me. Is there any way, while working on a project of the sort that I’m undertaking, that I can bypass using FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the ilk? Would love to hear thoughts from people.

I’m beginning to think that it’s not possible to get a message out and respond to input without using social media. Would like to hear thoughts and suggestions.

Update (11/6/16): I joined the evil empire :/ Created a Facebook account today. Adjusted the privacy settings as best I could for now. Will have to look into that more thoroughly.

I am feeling like we’ve crossed the tipping point. It would be very difficult to go back to a time when a number of entities didn’t have enough information about you that they possibly know you better than you do.

Learned that real quick while creating my profile. FB quickly popped up with where I lived as a teen, without me giving it much of a clue.