If Bernie Had Won the Primary

What a difference we would have seen these past few weeks. Not all of it good, mind you. But likely a lot less stressful.

Much of what would have been left out is the knowledge that some of us have gained about gender bias.

I’ve always considered myself fairly aware of women’s issues. Back in the early 70’s, I was engaged with the Women’s Liberation Movement. I do have to admit, though, that I really preferred that it be a “People’s Liberation Movement.”

Men needed to be liberated as much as women did. Liberated from the beliefs that they were of more value than women. That women were there to serve their wishes. To be compliant. Accept what they were given and be thankful for that.

Remembering those days makes we want to throw up.

I’m a privileged white male. One privilege, that I’m very thankful for, was being born into a family dominated by a chauvinistic man. It taught me how I didn’t want to be. I thank my father for that. Very sincerely.

It was what he knew. How he had been socialized.

He also taught me some very wonderful things as well. That family is important, as is integrity, honesty, hard work and playing hard. Many things that I also thank him for teaching me.

I just looked up at the title I gave this post and wonder what caused me to go off on such a tangent. Give me a minute or three and I’ll figure that out. Or not.

Gender Bias. That’s what tripped the switch that sent my train careening down a different track. Such an important issue. Bias of all sorts is important, and that has a lot to do with the acrimonious state we find ourselves in.

I’m going to direct my imagination to a scenario that was possible a few weeks ago. What would it be like if Bernie had won the primary?

What label would The Donald give Bernie? There would be lots to choose from. Old, decrepit Jew? Not going to go there. You can come up with your own.

The labels that won’t fit: dishonest, flip flopping, inauthentic, low energy, for the war in Iraq, for free trade agreements, for regime change, war hawk, or that women are voting for a candidate because she’s a woman.

And a lot of, mostly white, males wouldn’t feel threatened by giving a woman so much power.

The stress level that I feel, and imagine being there for many others, would be much lower because the outcome of the race would not be as doubtful.

I’m not a Hillary supporter. I’ll be voting Green Party. I don’t trust Hillary to follow through on her promises.

But, because Hillary is there, this contest has given us the opportunity to look at our biases. Especially so when it comes to equality of men and women.

We still have a ways to go.



I’m so fortunate to live in on a spot of this planet where my neighbors can’t see me dancing into the night. I also hope they can’t hear me singing. There’s only one house, close enough, that could possibly hear if I really belt one out.

Ideally, that wouldn’t be a concern, but that might be pushing it a bit too far.

Met those neighbors a couple of days ago and they are not likely to dial 911 and say they think their neighbor is in a mental health crisis.

But, if they did, it’s very unlikely that bullets would be fired, ending my life.

I’m thankful for the privilege that I have for not having to be concerned about that. I am also very sorry that there are many other beings on this planet don’t have that privilege.


Who gets to choose
What’s too political
What gets a bye?

Parking structures are political
Improving biking is political
Improving access to parks is political

Who gets to draw that line in the sand?
I can understand why people want
that line in the sand.

Does that line
Make it more difficult
To find solutions?

I do understand the need to take a break.
From dealing with important issues.
It’s easier to ignore
so life can be enjoyed to the max.

To not do the work that’s REALLY needed
that might make life a little easier
for generations to follow.

Hey, I got mine.
I worked for it.
I deserve it.

Hey, I spent a lot of money
So I could feel good
About driving a fuel efficient vehicle
For as many miles as I want.

Or to the airport
To fly to some exotic place
To post selfies

With no concern
For the degradation
That that travel causes

Each of us has a large role to play
In the lives of our future children
Each choice we make
Has an effect down the line.

If we could pay attention to that
Ask when we have a choice to make
What would Jesus choose?
What would Muhammad choose?
What would the Buddha choose?
What would Love choose?

There are so many issues that need to be dealt with.
It’s overwhelming
And easy to give up.

And that’s what those in power want.

Keep people too busy
Too distracted
Too fearful
To take a stand

Pit one side against the other
Divide and conquer.

It prevents people working together
To stand up to bring about change
That has positive effects
For the majority of people

We are all in this struggle together
We are separated by superficial differences
By unfounded fears