Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS)

A BuzzFeed News investigation has a two part series on the Global Super Court addressing issues with the ISDS. Over 3,000 international trade treaties include some form of ISDS. The TPP will expand the ISDS process.

An article in The Huffington Post explains how investors are using the ISDS process to make huge sums at taxpayers expense. The Big Problem With The Trans-Pacific Partnership’s Super Court That We’re Not Talking About

Both are very worthwhile reads if you want to get an understanding about this very important part of trade agreements that many people around the world are pushing back against, and the trouble that ISDS has caused for many countries. Not to mention how it is being used to help widen the wealth gap.


Who gets to choose
What’s too political
What gets a bye?

Parking structures are political
Improving biking is political
Improving access to parks is political

Who gets to draw that line in the sand?
I can understand why people want
that line in the sand.

Does that line
Make it more difficult
To find solutions?

I do understand the need to take a break.
From dealing with important issues.
It’s easier to ignore
so life can be enjoyed to the max.

To not do the work that’s REALLY needed
that might make life a little easier
for generations to follow.

Hey, I got mine.
I worked for it.
I deserve it.

Hey, I spent a lot of money
So I could feel good
About driving a fuel efficient vehicle
For as many miles as I want.

Or to the airport
To fly to some exotic place
To post selfies

With no concern
For the degradation
That that travel causes

Each of us has a large role to play
In the lives of our future children
Each choice we make
Has an effect down the line.

If we could pay attention to that
Ask when we have a choice to make
What would Jesus choose?
What would Muhammad choose?
What would the Buddha choose?
What would Love choose?

There are so many issues that need to be dealt with.
It’s overwhelming
And easy to give up.

And that’s what those in power want.

Keep people too busy
Too distracted
Too fearful
To take a stand

Pit one side against the other
Divide and conquer.

It prevents people working together
To stand up to bring about change
That has positive effects
For the majority of people

We are all in this struggle together
We are separated by superficial differences
By unfounded fears