A New Beginning

I’ve been threatening to start this for a long time.
It’s not threatening to anyone but me.

Welcome to my stream of consciousness.
Never know where that might lead.
Welcome along to a journey.

Today has been quite a day.
An intense sort of day.
Been a long time since I’ve chosen to be pissed off.

Thank you WG for helping to bring that about.
I mean that sincerely.

A lesson learned long ago was to pay attention to those times of intensity.
Those times can be a wealth of learning.
When I encounter a strong emotion,
I look inward.
And get to learn a bit more about myself.

And you provided me with that.
So I thank you.

The discussion on hrw earlier was about politics.
LIFE is political.
It’d be damn boring if it wasn’t.
Not that being bored is necessarily a bad thing.

To be able to sit back and think of nothing…

Politics happens often without recognition that it is political.
RT’s discussion about bike lanes is political.
So many statements are political.

Most political statements are about helping improve people’s lives.
Isn’t that what we all desire?
Maybe, it’s helping our children’s grandchildren improve their life.

Which is likely to not be an easy life.
Unless we change.

This is a crucial time.
It’s also a great opportunity.
It can also be a time of despair for many.

Many have given up.
And many live in delusion.

Paraphrasing what raised eyebrows said
History is in the view of those that have censorship power.

I have had some posts censored (deleted).
On both sides of the aisle.
I recall seeing posts of others being deleted.
And discussions about posts being censored.

I will admit, my memory is not all that great
for some things.
Especially conversations.
And people’s names.

So the conversation that I recall having with some dude,
I think he said his name was Larry,
Stating his remorse for his causing you to go,
May have caused me to misconstrue.

Or, another way of saying it,
I assumed something that led me to think
You’re departure was caused by censorship.

Never did like to assume.
Makes an ass out of u and me.

Mea culpa.

And I can certainly understand and relate to personal reasons
for being silent

Wonderful to hear from you.
And as others have let you know,
We do miss you.

I did question if it was really you.
I thought about contacting you to be sure.
It’s easy to create an online persona.
But I’m certain enough that was you.

It would be wonderful to have you back.
But understood if that’s not to be.