If Bernie Had Won the Primary

What a difference we would have seen these past few weeks. Not all of it good, mind you. But likely a lot less stressful.

Much of what would have been left out is the knowledge that some of us have gained about gender bias.

I’ve always considered myself fairly aware of women’s issues. Back in the early 70’s, I was engaged with the Women’s Liberation Movement. I do have to admit, though, that I really preferred that it be a “People’s Liberation Movement.”

Men needed to be liberated as much as women did. Liberated from the beliefs that they were of more value than women. That women were there to serve their wishes. To be compliant. Accept what they were given and be thankful for that.

Remembering those days makes we want to throw up.

I’m a privileged white male. One privilege, that I’m very thankful for, was being born into a family dominated by a chauvinistic man. It taught me how I didn’t want to be. I thank my father for that. Very sincerely.

It was what he knew. How he had been socialized.

He also taught me some very wonderful things as well. That family is important, as is integrity, honesty, hard work and playing hard. Many things that I also thank him for teaching me.

I just looked up at the title I gave this post and wonder what caused me to go off on such a tangent. Give me a minute or three and I’ll figure that out. Or not.

Gender Bias. That’s what tripped the switch that sent my train careening down a different track. Such an important issue. Bias of all sorts is important, and that has a lot to do with the acrimonious state we find ourselves in.

I’m going to direct my imagination to a scenario that was possible a few weeks ago. What would it be like if Bernie had won the primary?

What label would The Donald give Bernie? There would be lots to choose from. Old, decrepit Jew? Not going to go there. You can come up with your own.

The labels that won’t fit: dishonest, flip flopping, inauthentic, low energy, for the war in Iraq, for free trade agreements, for regime change, war hawk, or that women are voting for a candidate because she’s a woman.

And a lot of, mostly white, males wouldn’t feel threatened by giving a woman so much power.

The stress level that I feel, and imagine being there for many others, would be much lower because the outcome of the race would not be as doubtful.

I’m not a Hillary supporter. I’ll be voting Green Party. I don’t trust Hillary to follow through on her promises.

But, because Hillary is there, this contest has given us the opportunity to look at our biases. Especially so when it comes to equality of men and women.

We still have a ways to go.


Another Form of Voter Repression

I’ll have to look into this more, but I’ve just caught an inkling of another way that could be used to limit voting to help keep Republicans in power.

If only Republicans would learn that repressing votes will only work for so long. It will end up biting them in the ass.

Steps to repress votes for Democratic candidates:

  1. Go to areas where people are likely to vote Democratic and register voters.
  2. Don’t file those registrations.

That’s it. It’s real simple.

I’ll update as I learn more.

Fortunately, we live in a country ruled by laws.

Unfortunately, people find ways to circumvent laws to their benefit and there are strong forces pushing back against laws that give people control over their lives. Such as not allowing confirmations of judges. Not just at the highest level, but also in lower courts.

Republicans have been not allowing votes to go forward for judges that have been  nominated by a Democratic administration. They are promising to continue that practice to stymie any progress under a Clinton administration.

I do wonder what would happen under a Sanders administration. There would be massive numbers of very enthusiastic voters to push for a progressive agenda. There would not be the angst that people are feeling right now. Can Donald Drumpf actually become the Commander in Chief of the most powerful nation in the world??? I believe that question wouldn’t be there if Bernie had won the nomination.

I’m not voting for Hillary. Her policies don’t meld with mine. Much of what the Democratic Party has promoted over the years does not meld with what I would choose.

Politics is personnel. Hillary’s choices demonstrate where she is wanting to go. The next president will make more than 4,000 political appointments to fill out the executive branch.

Prior to becoming the VP nomination, Tim Kaine was a strong advocate of giving free reign to the banks. He was forceful in his desire to eliminate restrictions under Dodd-Frank. He was also very vocal about pushing fracking and the TPP. Upon his nomination, those beliefs of his were quickly swept under the rug.

After changing her ‘public’ face to placate Bernie supporters by telling voters that she is NOW against the TPP and fracking, she chose former senator and Interior secretary Ken Salazar to head her transition team. Her choice to control who gets hired is a strong advocate for the TPP and fracking.

What odds do you want to give me that the TPP and fracking will somehow magically become the “gold standard” of economic growth?

The people chosen for posts are indicative of what policy will prevail.

What has either of the two main candidates said about the Dakota Access Pipeline and Standing Rock?

Is that not important to you? There are a number of issues with this that it should be. I’ve been itching to get harvest over with and drive out there to support the people at Standing Rock in whatever way I can.

Update: Illinois Conservative Group Denies Sitting On People’s Ballot Applications Another form of voter suppression.

How to Vote Strategically Where You Live

There’s a bit involved in choosing how to vote, depending on what’s important to you, along with which state you live in.

So first things first. To find out which candidate has your back, there’s a few websites that will quiz you about what’s important to you. I highly recommend that you take at least one of these quizzes. This will give you a good foundation for the choices that you make.

I do realize that this will take some of your time and, perhaps, cause you to think. But I fail to see the downside to that.

OnTheIssues.org is a good place to start. It will let you know which candidates, up and down the ballot, best meet the values that are important to you. Just Do It.

To get started, click on the blue button on the right, labelled “2016 Presidential VoteMatch Quiz.” Start with the default selection for Presidential candidates and scroll down to rate your support or disagreement with the statements about Individual Rights, Domestic Issues, Economic Issues and Defense/International Issues. It’s quite painless actually.

Once done, click on the “Score the Quiz” button to get an idea of the Presidential candidates that are more likely to match the way you think and believe. If you are willing, list the top few in the comments section below. Shaming will not be allowed.

Now you have a baseline, which may help you determine how you choose to vote. It can help you decide how to vote strategically, depending on where you live.

Your first choice SHOULD BE the candidate that most closely matches your values. But, there’s a lot of pressure by the MSM to attempt to convince you that is not what’s important. That the important issue, in just about every election, is to not let the “other” candidate win. And, according to the pundits, the only way to do that is to vote for the candidate that opposes the “other” even though you will have to vote for a candidate that doesn’t come close to matching the values that are important to you.

“It’s a wasted vote” or “It’s a protest vote” or … You’ve heard them all.

Here’s my take on why voting for candidates that have values that match your own is important, and ways to vote strategically if that’s important.

When you vote, you are stating that you agree with the values and platform of that candidate or party. The more people vote for that candidate or party or platform gives more of a mandate for those values. With that in mind, why cast your vote for someone or a platform that you don’t agree with? Why not let YOUR values be heard?

As many keep telling you, it’s more important to defeat the “other” than it is to vote how you really feel. That’s what keeps the Democratic and Republican Parties in control, even though it’s not in YOUR best interest.

I had some well thought out strategies to put forth. But as I get back to this draft, I question how important voting strategically REALLY is.

No matter who wins control of the White House, I’d venture that likely less than 50% of the people of this nation will be happy and very likely, 75% will not be enthusiastic of the outcome. How politics in this country has devolved.

Do what you can to pay attention to the issues, platforms and your own desires about how you’d like this planet move forward, and vote accordingly. As difficult it is to find any enthusiasm, it is important that you let your voice be heard. Please do vote.

Local and regional issues and candidates have a great deal of influence in our lives, so pay particular attention to them. Maybe that will inspire you enough to get active, even if it’s only enough to get you to check the boxes and put the ballot in the mail.

It’s getting close to where you need to drop it off. Hood River County Ballot Drop Boxes Wasco County Ballot Drop Boxes Klikitat County Ballot Drop Boxes  Skamania County Ballot Drop Boxes