Open Letter to HRC and the DNC

I expect we will soon be hearing that those of us who chose to vote for a candidate that we preferred are to blame for losing this election to a con man. That message would not be true.

You own this. You did not give us a candidate worth voting for, let alone a candidate we could be enthusiastic about. Someone that would have compelled us to donate more of our time, energy and money. It should have been pretty obvious that we were willing to do that.

You cheated us out of a candidate that would have accomplished what you could not. Now, we have to deal with a President Donald and possibly President Pence, which would probably be worse.

So many people don’t understand why people are so upset? It’s not all about Trump. It’s not about losing the election. It has a lot to do with us never having a REAL choice.

You own this. Not anyone else. Not the FBI. Not the Russians. Not Wikileaks. Not a third party. YOU did this to our country.

So help us move forward. Give voice to independent thought. Don’t keep trying to control. It’s obvious that you’ve lost that.