There’s Too Many People

Could that realization be the reason that many of those in power don’t really give a damn about people dying? Especially poor people. People of color. People of a different religion?

Or even people of their own political beliefs, gender, race, religion, sexual beliefs. It often appears that many of those inĀ  control, and not just in this country, just don’t really care about the suffering of ‘others.’ Could it be that it’s finally sunk in that this planet will not be able to care for 10 billion people for very long? That it’s time to grab all you can, while you can? And if people suffer or die, because of that grab, it no longer matters?

As long as me and my family can survive in comfort, to Hell with others. They are losers. They didn’t work hard enough. So what if they didn’t have the privilege that I grew up with. They were unlucky in choosing their parents.

We came, we conquered, they died. Or Hillary’s version , “We came, we saw, he died.”

And what a mess that created.

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